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AFC Divisional: Chiefly Business

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

The Indianapolis Colts weren't feeling lucky at all when they visited Arrowhead Stadium Saturday evening. The Kansas City Chiefs defeated Indy 31-13 convincingly. They'll host the AFC Championship Next Weekend on their home field.

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The Kansas City Chiefs defense pressured Andrew Luck all Saturday evening. With the agitation of the frigid weather climate and a rowdy home crowd, Frank Reich found himself and his Colts offense void of reprieve. When the football was not in the possession of Andrew Luck and the Colts, it was being juggled by the well orchestrated Chiefs offense. The Brilliance of Head Coach Andy Reid, talent of Pat Mahomes, and speed of WR Sammy Watkins, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce force opponents to pick their poison. A 17-0 2nd quarter lead transformed into a 24-7 score and ideas of "insurmountable" became the harsh reality for Indianapolis. Riding on the hype of their offense this entire season, it's unfortunate that HB Kareem Hunt isn't alongside to make his contributions to this Kansas City Chiefs run. The Chiefs have to believe that 60 more minutes of perfected football will make the AFC Championship theirs for the taking.


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