• Maggy Haggerty

Awaiting the Storm: NFL Shows for 2019

It’s officially that time of year folks! You know it, I know it, your dog probably knows it; football season is in fact upon us.

We’re all anxiously awaiting our fantasy football drafts and hope to soon be yelling at the TV. However, before the games truly begin, we’re granted a sneak-peek into this exciting season with a little something called preseason. 

As NFL Network continuously streams these games (old and new) perhaps there are other sources of entertainment to focus your attention on- of course, still related to football. 

Listed below, I have three shows affiliated with the NFL that I believe are worth your time, and reasoning as to why they are worth your time. 

1. Hard Knocks (HBO)

Although this show is only focusing on the Oakland Raiders, this allows an up-close and personal look at their team during training camp. This is even more exciting considering it’s their last season in Oakland before they take on Vegas. They also have characters such as Antonio Brown and Jon Gruden to add some eye-catching entertainment with everything that’s been going on. 

HBO and NFL Films are actually facing some of the highest ratings with “Hard Knocks” this season. There’s an abundance of stories connected to the Raiders that may arise during training camp whether it be with Josh Jacobs’, Derek Carr, Richie Incognito, and even their new safety combination of Joyner and Abrams. 

Not many teams that have been featured on “Hard Knocks” continue on into the postseason. Hopefully, this season will hold a different fortune for AB and the Raiders. Tune in to see how these studs are projected to develop for this upcoming season.

2. First Things First (FOX Sports)

Cris Carter, Nick Wright, and Jenna Wolfe spend their mornings discussing a variety of sports. Their football insight sparks a series of different topics whether it be the high expectations for Tom Brady this season, Baker Mayfield and his projected growth this season, or Dak Prescott compared to other quarterbacks. 

There’s always a lot of different views that come out of this show. Also, considering it appears on television more than once a week, it provides almost as much insight an NFL Network show would produce.