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Bears Of The North

Don't look now but the Matt Nagy led Chicago Bears are now the unmoved leaders of the NFC. After a convincing defeat of the Vikings on Sunday Night Football, Chicago and their roughneck defense have a piercing confidence.

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QB Mitchell Trubisky was absolutely true to his craft under the bright lights. Scrambling and orchestrating a plethora of run-pass option sets, Chicago's multi-faceted offense kept the Vikings Linebackers confused and disfigured. Jordan Howard, Trubisky, and Tarik Cohen, all contributed to the plus 100 yards rushing outing. The Vikings did force two interceptions but the Bears defense was extremely stingy and forced the Vikings to multiple 3-outs. Chicago will move on to Thursday's Thanksgiving Match-up against the Detroit Lions. This divisional foe just defeated the confounded Carolina Panthers and will likely look to put a halt to what seems to be an excelling Bears team.

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The Minnesota Vikings have come to a penny short in every facet of success. QB Kirk Cousins has not been himself, the rushing attack was dismal yesterday, and their defense should not be expected to save the day every single week. The Vikings defense spent 34:29 minutes on the field in the Chicago windy cold weather. Cousins 46 attempts clearly indicates that the Vikings rushing attack was laughable. The Vikings totaled 22 yards on the ground last night. It is absolutely time to make some changes at offensive coordinator. For now, the Bears rule the NFC North.

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