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Believe The Bolts

The Los Angeles Chargers ruined every Chiefs fan morale with their bone chilling last second win on Thursday Night Football. Is it time to believe that the Chargers are true AFC contenders for a Super Bowl 53 appearance.

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With Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates aging, a 11-3 start to the 2018 season has certainly been impressive for the Chargers. Plagued by numerous of defensive injuries and the absence of HB Melvin Gordon, Head Coach Anthony Lynn likely deserves the Coach Of the Year award. Trailing by 14 points at the Half, Phillip Rivers and offensive coordinator Gus Bradley threw on their thinking caps to get it done. WR Mike Williams crept out into the outside of the end-zone on a 2-pt conversion that gave the Chargers the lead with seconds to go. Consecutive wins in prime-time lights, have to make the AFC seem conquerable for Los Angeles. Sitting in a tie with Kansas City means that they'll be hoping the Chiefs lose momentum so LA can host the AFC playoffs at the StubHub Center.

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kareem Hunt was released from the Franchise early last week, and the Chiefs mourned his absence with a gut-wrenching loss. KC's defense has been thriving on their pass rush to win them games after their start studded offense gets the lead. This formula was proven flawed however thanks to the passion of Chargers QB Phillip Rivers was in full motion. Against high quality QB's the Chiefs will struggle and it has happened this year against the LA Rams, Patriots, and now the Chargers. An untimely back-slide isn't cause for the Chiefs to panic at all, but they should be looking to make adjustments that will make their offense more potent. The addition of Kelvin Benjamin is a good start.

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