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Bell In The Big Apple

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

The New York Jets scored big when they drafted NFL work in progress QB Sam Darnold from USC in the 2018 NFL Draft. Earlier this spring they welcomed free agent NFL star HB Le'Veon Bell to campus and his debut at mandatory OTA's this week has NFL analyst nationwide extremely inquisitive.

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The New York Jets have new uniforms, a new Head Coach in Adam Gase, a young QB in Sam Darnold, and now the addition of an NFL superstar in HB Le'Veon Bell. NFL Opponents should expect Met Life stadium to be a place of rioting fandom come the fall of 2019 and it'll be thrilling if the Jets can make the post-season this time around. Former Head Coach Todd Bowles was given the boot after a disappointing 4-12 season. The Jets were 30th in total offensive last season, and ranked 26th in rushing yards per game. Surely bringing a rusher like Bell can and will likely change this. Bringing aboard WR's Jamison Crowder and Quincy Enunwa may help the Jets play the possession game, but the installation of the Play Action passing game may become their new secret strategy.

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With music production to give entourage to Bell's rebellion to the Pittsburgh Steelers last season, a tough New York fan base might be critical if the Jets are lack-luster this season. With all the haste to get the 2019 NFL Season rolling, the coaches in New York know that they'll have to put a quality football team together and make the necessary adjustments to compete in a very competitive AFC conference. Please visit the following link for a breakdown of Bell's new contractual agreement.

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