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Bills' bandwagon will be short-lived

Let’s be frank, the Buffalo Bills dominated the Steelers on Sunday Night and at some point, critics need to start taking this team more serious. I however, still don’t.

If you’ve watched the 2020 NFL season, then you’ve watched the sure maturation of Bills QB Josh Allen. This season, Allen has thrown 28 TD’s, only 9 interceptions and has been undoubtedly the best QB in the AFC East. So why should we doubt the Bills? Well, let's start with a true analysis of Sunday Night.

The Steelers Aren't Rested

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, when the Steelers were placed under COVID protocol it shook much of their seasons momentum. Understand, the men under the helmets for these teams aren’t just football players but fathers, husbands, and family men. If you are unable to detect the unenthusiastic effort put forth by the Steelers over these last 12 days - where they've played 3 games, you’re either blind or just legally blind. Don't believe this Theory? Expect the Steelers to finish their season on a 3-game winning streak. Mark my words.

But the Bills are 10-3

What does this have to do with Buffalo? A lot. Fueled by careers of shortcomings, the Bills star players; DB Micah Hyde, DB Josh Norman, and WR Stefon Diggs are well known for their shortcomings in big moments. Diggs, after his miracle in Minneapolis visited the Eagles for a 38-7 beatdown in the 2018 NFC Championship. Norman, nearly through a misfit when the Broncos out-muscled Carolina 10-24 in Super Bowl 50 and, well, Micah Hyde appeared in Green Bay shortly after the Vikings began ruling the NFC North. His Playoff winning experiences are minimal.

If my presumptions are pure (and they are), my doubts towards the potential of the Bills does not stem from me thinking they have a lack of talent. However, they do lack playoff experience. Especially on the offensive side of the ball.

In a dwindling AFC East, the Bills have beaten up on the Jets and Patriots, outscored a questionable Seahawks team (defense allowing 390 YPG), beat the Raiders, the Dolphins, the Steelers, the 49ers, and oh yeah, the Rams (questionable PI call).....

Now we can sit and highlight the fact that the Bills have been competitive for a few seasons now and are likely to get better. However, defeating a fatigued Steelers team did nothing for them in the overall AFC standings, and it also does nothing to convince me that they are ready to face the Kansas City Chiefs, Titans, or Steelers in the AFC Playoffs when it'll matter.

I really hope the best for the #BillsMafia and I knowingly may be wrong. However, I have to analyze the game and make real predictions.

It's simply what NFL Analyst do. Peace.

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