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Blowout in Baltimore: Browns 0-1

To say that the Browns simply lost to the Ravens on Sunday would be an understatement.

There's a number of adjectives that could describe the scene that occurred at M&T Bank Stadium.

But really, the only thing that could describe it most accurately is the score: 38-6, Baltimore.

An opening drive interception, a flurry of drive-ending penalties (led to a 3rd and 41), a failed fake punt, and holes in the defensive secondary were just some of the many factors that led to the Cleveland Browns demise.

Baltimore deserves some high praise for its performance.

Lamar Jackson looked calm and collected all day in the pocket, dropping beautiful passes time after time into his receivers’ hands.

He tucked and ran when he needed to, avoided big hits, and predictably embarrassed several linebackers on the opposing side. Mark Andrews continued to make spectacular catches. And the Baltimore defense looked as sound as ever.

What this game ultimately revealed to anyone willing to stomach the entire thing was while the Browns are battling against decades of misfortune, the Ravens are simply ascending.

The Browns will have a chance Thursday night to redeem themselves on a national stage, against the 0-1 Bengals.

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