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Brady Bunch, Ravens Lunch

The Baltimore Ravens put a abrupt end to the New England Patriots 8-0 win streak in Week 9.

Nov 3, 2019; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) runs with the ball during the third quarter against the New England Patriots at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

As the Baltimore Ravens held tightly to a 30-20 lead in the 3rd quarter, I certainly wondered if a Patriots comeback was pending. M&T Stadium was noisy, and a combination of HB Mark Ingram and QB Lamar Jackson seemed to overwhelm the Patriots rush defense. The Ravens rushed the ball a total of 31 times, rendering 210 yards to keep QB Tom Brady and the New England Patriots sidelined for nearly the entire 4th quarter. Clips of Tom Brady and Julian Edelman grieving anxiously on the sideline were sentiments to this fact as well as Bill Belichick’s decision to decline and illegal formation penalty to avoid granting the Ravens an extra down late in the 4th. Nevertheless, an instrumental offensive scheme disabled any changes of New England escaping Baltimore with a win.

patriots WR Julian Edelman, always trying to get extra yardage, is suspended by Brandon Carr after a 25-yard catch in the second quarter. JIM DAVIS/GLOBE STAFF

Turnovers were crucial for both teams. Momentum swayed continuously in this game but two plays in particular allowed the Ravens to overcome the Patriots. Late in the 2nd quarter, the Patriots, having scored 10 unanswered, were held to a field goal that made the score 13-17 at the half. I want to hypothesize by saying that if the Pats had scored the tying touchdown on this drive, they may have neutralized the Ravens keep away strategy. Also, in the 3rd quarter, on a drive that may have given New England the lead, Julian Edelman fumbled the ball which resulted in a fumble recovery and defensive score for DB Marlon Humprhrey who was captured mouthing off at Edelman in video clips the entire night. The while the scores ends doesn't indicate how close this game really was, analytic perception still suggest that the Ravens were dominate.

Hooray Harbaugh

Some deliberated over whether or not Ravens head coach John Harbaugh should have been dismissed from head coaching duties after failing to make the playoffs for three consecutive season. General Manager Ozzie Newsome however new better. The Ravens are still the Ravens. Working to develop QB Lamar Jackson, and play hardy defense, the Ravens have now defeated both the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots this season. This team is pleading that it just may be a potential Super Bowl Contender.

No Shenanigans, Just Football.

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