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Browns can't ketchup at Heinz Field

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

A costly pair of 1st quarter INT's for Baker Mayfield set the tone for the 1st half s as the Steelers take care of the Brows at Heinz Field.


  • Late first half hit on an already bruised Mayfield, led to limited second half play

  • Pittsburgh's dominant defense forced three turnovers on key downs in the 2nd half

Game Story

1st Half

  • Pittsburgh's opening drive, results in a 35-yard field goal due to Cleveland's dominant red zone defense (3-0 Steelers)

  • Baker Mayfield's first pass was picked off by Minkah Fitzpatrick for the 33 yard pick six (10-0)

  • Ben Roethlisberger finds Chase Claypool for the 36 yard reception to set up James Conner for the three yard score (17-0)

  • Mayfield is picked off midway through the 2nd quarter by Cameron Sutton after narrowly avoiding the sack

  • Roethlisberger finds James Washington from 28 yards out to put the Steelers up 24 (24-0)

  • 61 seconds left in the half, Mayfield finds Rashard Higgins wide open in the end zone for the 13 yard score, to put the Browns on the board (24-7 HALF)

  • With five seconds left, a hard hit by Cam Hayward sends a shaken up Mayfield into the half

2nd Half

  • 52 seconds left in the third, Claypool finds the end zone from 3 yards out (31-7)

  • A banged-up Mayfield was replaced by back-up Case Keenum late in the 3rd quarter

  • Roethlisberger sets up Claypool for the 23 yard gain, setting up Benny Snell Jr. for the three yard score (38-7 FINAL)


Steelers: 4 on Mayfield

Browns: 2 on Roethlisberger



Baker Mayfield: 10/18 for 119 yards for one touchdown and two interceptions

Kareem Hunt: 13 carries for 40 yards

Austin Hooper: five receptions for 52 yards

Myles Garrett: one sack


Ben Roethlisberger: 14/22 for 162 yards for one touchdown

James Conner: 20 carries for 101 yards and one touchdown

Chase Claypool: four receptions and two carries for a total of 81 yards for one touchdown

Minkah Fitzpatrick: first quarter pick-six

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