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AFC Divisional: Bullied By Brady

The New England Patriots completely dominated the LA Chargers yesterday at Gillette Stadium. Tom Brady is no stranger to huge playoff moments and the AFC Championship is set for him to make yet another appearance in 2019.

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The Los Angeles Chargers had my support as able contenders for the AFC this year but New England silenced all that hype in just the 1st 15 minutes of play. Scoring touchdowns on all 3 of their game starting possessions, the Patriots demoralized the Chargers who spent the 1st half punting, barking at the referees, and dreading the plane ride that brought them to Gillette Stadium. Yesterday Tom Brady was simply terrific. A 34-44 passing ratio conveys just how extremely accurate he was. The Pats rode the rushing attack of Sony Michel and receiving abilities of HB James White who had a career high 15 receptions. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels input several sweep running plays and quick screens to keep the Chargers defense completely off kilter. Though Phillip Rivers and Anthony Lynn gained fervor in the games final minutes, costly turnovers, inadequacies on offense, and a 35-7 deficit was simply too tedious of a task against an experienced Patriots team. It's off to Kansas City for New England where the Pats will face off against the NFL passing TD leader Patrick Mahomes.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports


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