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Candidates for NFL MVP 20'

The NFL MVP award historically goes to the QB of the team with the best record, having been the case for the past seven years since Adrian Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards in 2012. While amassing monstrous stats is required to get into the conversation, the win-loss column ultimately seems to be the push needed to win the league's most prestigious award.

The following players lead the race for the 2020 MVP award, each generating monumental production for their teams’ playoff pushes. Each player has a solid case, and ultimately it may simply come down to the best record from each player’s respective team.

Russell Wilson

Let Russ cook.

2020 might just be Wilson’s year, as his MVP-caliber campaign last season got overshadowed by reigning MVP Lamar Jackson.

On pace to turn in 48 TD’s this year, Wilson has been looking as good as ever. Entering week 11, he leads the league in both passing yards and passing touchdowns, averaging almost 300 yards a game while completing 70.1% of his passes. These are dominant numbers, and the Seahawks’ only losses coming from divisional opponents with records above .500 (including a wild-finish against the Cardinals in week 6).

Seattle’s remaining schedule includes the Jets and three games from the push-over NFC East, so it is hard not to see them cruising to at least a 12-win season. With how much the Seahawks ask of Wilson, and how abhorrent the team’s defense has been, expect to see Wilson’s numbers continue to rise as the season goes on.

Oh, and his team in rushing too, with 367 yards and 2 TDs.

Patrick Mahomes

Let’s not overthink things too much.

The definitive face of the NFL, Mr. 10-years, half-a-billion dollars, 99-overall Madden Rating, Superman himself: Patrick Mahomes. Sitting at an 8-1 record, Mahomes has as many interceptions as he does losses. He has gone 220 completions on 329 attempts (66.9%), 2687 yards, and 25 touchdowns… per interception. If you want to talk about pure quarterback play, this is the upper echelon. With an absolute cannon for an arm, and elite talent whizzing around in Andy Reid’s offense, Mahomes more than plays his part to make this team shred secondaries.

While Wilson seemed to be the obvious favorite by the quarter-season, Mahomes has more than made up the ground. If his team sees the same continued success through the air, Mahomes seems to be on track for a second MVP season.

If the point of the game is to score points, spearing the offense to a league leading 31.8 points a game is a winning recipe.

Aaron Rodgers

A-a-ron is back.

Well, he never really left. Last season had doubters speculating a decline in Rodgers’ performance- even the Packers front-office might have thought so with the drafting of Jordan Love. Rodgers has not just silenced his critics this year, but has returned to dominant form with his team in second place in the NFC. He leads the league in both QBR and passer rating. By these metrics, plus lavish stats to back it up, Rodgers makes his case for best quarterback in the NFL.

If the Packers can stay consistent and pick up wins in the majority of their remaining schedule, Rodgers’ season will be cemented as elite, and will have as strong a case as anyone for MVP. He may need to have some sensational games however, to distance himself from these other superior talents.

The following players are on the outside looking in for 2020 MVP. Each can claim to be just as valuable to their teams as the former players, but need some elevation to truly be in contention for the award.

Alvin Kamara

Just get the ball to Kamara. He’s an absolute force of nature, leading the Saints’ in rushing and receiving yards. With Drew Brees going on IR with broken ribs, expect New Orleans’ production to continue funneling through him. Unfortunately, since MVP is a quarterback’s award, expect him to have to settle for Offensive Player of the Year.

Derrick Henry

King Henry is not just the best running back in the NFL, but is the best running back in his generation. Not only is he built like the Terminator, but if you don’t completely game plan around him, he’ll walk right over you. Even if you do, he still might pop off a 200-yard game, or take off for a 94-yard run to ice a game. Projected to win the rushing title, if the Titans can win-out, Derrick Henry will be the MVP.

Ben Roethlisberger

If the MVP goes to the quarterback on the best team, then don’t we have to give a nod to Big Ben in Pittsburgh? The Steelers have a more balanced offensive attack, so Roethlisberger doesn’t need to shoulder as big a burden as his peers, however if the Steelers execute a one-win season, don’t be surprised if it’s Roethlisberger who runs that half of the ball.

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