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Oh how the Cincinnati Bengals took a spanking on Sunday night football last night, In a game where yellow flags were thrown everywhere, the Chiefs caught a 2nd half stride that just could not be pacified.

Oct. 21, 2018 - Source: Peter Aiken/Getty Images North America

Surely the Bengals have some soft spots on defense but even the Jacksonville Jaguars could not stop the dynamics of the Chiefs offense a few weeks ago. Kareem had 15 carries for 86 yards and QB Pat Mahommes had nearly 400 yards in the air with 4 TD's. Kansas City is clearly the AFC's best offense, but falling to the Patriots last Sunday has to be playing in their mind over an over. Will the defeat come in to play to prevent them from getting home field advantage in the post-season, Not so fast right? The Chiefs have been an absolute thrill for NFL fans, with no shortage of TD's and no the lack of highlight plays. As we turn the mid-point of the season, the run and gun approach of head coach Andy Reid will continue to operate unless some devastating injury self inflicts this AFC juggernaut.

Oct. 21, 2018 - Source: Peter Aiken/Getty Images North America

Sunday evening’s Bengals performance was atrocious, terrible, no-good and an all-systems failure in every imaginable way. The offense sputtered throughout, and the defense…well…they were, to put it nicely, a train wreck. The Chiefs did whatever they wanted all night and Cincy' had no answers. Marvin Lewis was visibly and understandably frustrated with the lack of discipline, the penalties and the overwhelming volume of missed tackles. However, for all the Bengal’s shortcomings, the Chiefs were once again outstanding, and deserve a hefty bit of credit for Cincinnati’s miserable performance. That offense, with Mahomes, Hill, Hunt, Kelce and everyone else is the best in the league right now, no question. Stopping them was going to be a tall task no matter what. Factor in a prime-time amped up crowd plus a reeling and banged up Bengals’ defense and the 45-10 result doesn’t seem ridiculous. But for Cincy to make the playoffs, games like this cannot become habit.

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