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Coolest Cats

The physicality of the Carolina Panthers outweighed the flash and finesse of the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday afternoon. The 31 point outing can be accredited to the Panthers new offensive coordinator.

Sept. 23, 2018 - Source: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images North America

White teeth and a provocative dress in the post game conference room is usually a sign the QB Cam Newton fared well on the field. His new Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner has him excelling in completion percentage and the Panthers tallied touchdowns. Not shying away from the Run Play Option schemes, the Panthers are remaining effective in the Red Zone and Turner has found ways to get HB Christian McCaffrey the pig skin without over utilizing him in power runs. Over 200 yards on the ground yesterday almost assured a Panthers victory and had Bengals defensive coordinator Teryl Austin ruffling through his playbook. The 2-1 panthers watched the Saints and Falcons attack each other’s neck yesterday and they’ll want to be sure to keep the Wins piling to compete in a very competitive NFC South division.

Sept. 23, 2018 - Source: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images North America

The Bengals were undefeated coming into Week 3 and with a 10 game layoff they figured rest would propel them to a 3-0 start. They were wrong. The Bengals grew impatient after trailing in the Time Of Possession category and dropped back Andy Dalton a total of 46 times. The lack of a rushing attack kept their defense gasping for air, having to chase both Newton and McCaffrey. The AFC North has 4 teams that believe they can take the division, if Cincy wants to be one of those teams, regrouping with discipline this week is a good idea. This time out, the Panthers were the Cooler Cats.

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