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Fins Aren't Finished

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Miami is usually a vacation heaven for USA commoners. For the New England Patriots however, it's a place where they've dreaded facing extremely self-motivated Dolphins team.

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Now two games behind the Kansas City Chiefs, the New England Patriots now wonder whether a return to the AFC Championship is even likely. The Miami Dolphins gave New England a dagger on a miracle play that saw HB Kenyan Drake run a 55 yard lateral into the end-zone to send Hard Rock Stadium into complete pandemonium. Miami produced over 170 rushing yards and put the Pats offense in urgent mode every time they received the football. New Englands defensive issues have been swept under the rug thanks to an excellent offensive outing week in and out but yesterday the Patriots were a penny short of advancing to 10 wins on the season. This was all because their defense couldn't get a well needed stop in the latter moments.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Dolphins are fighting for a Wild Card berth in the AFC and they'll make it a reality if they continue to show forth this sort of charisma. With an offense plagued by injury, Ryan Tannehill has been forced to swing the ball around to skill players with minimal renown. Tannehill's primary target WR Kenny Stills has solidified himself as an outside threat in the NFL. His 8 receptions for 135 yards yesterday put disgust on the face of Pats Defensive Coordinator Brian Flores and notched a plus 1 in the loss column for New England. While it's always unwise to count the Pats out, this day made history for NFL and Miami Dolphins fans worldwide. Good job Miami.

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