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EA MADDEN 20: Released

EA Sports released the new NFL Madden 20 yesterday for sports gamers worldwide to enjoy. With new features and insertions, we'll evaluate whether this years release will elevate the football intelligence of gamers or simply enable commoners to excel in an unrealistic fashion.

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There's plenty of Madden 20 footage on YouTube for consumers to get a preview of the new EA release. Over the last two weeks, I've done diligence to analyze the gameplay and noticed a few new installments that should not go unmentioned.

1. No Huddle

EA Game developers explained that the pre-play huddle break would be removed. They did not however express that offensive gamers would be allowed to run a no huddle play in just 2 seconds real time.

While this installment does come with a default 8 sec game clock run off (12 second run off on bigger plays) to bring some realism, the facet does play heavily into the hands of the offensive team. The defense may want to make hot route adjustments, coverage schemes, DL, DB, or LB, shifts and this is utterly impossible in just two seconds real time. Players using a custom playbook will also exploit this tweak. I expect online users to abuse this, catching the defense out of position and consecutively re-running the same exact play without the defense being able to adjust in real time. Madden 20 developers will definitely want to revisit the idea of this change after this season.

2. Game Controls

Please utilize the following links for Game Controls Courtesy of © 2019 Electronic Arts Inc. With new X-factor, Superstar, and other rating based edits in the new release it will be important to assess the pre-play options on both offense and defense.

Sony Playstation 4

Microsoft Xbox One

3. Presentation

Commentary is still provided by FOX Sports Analyst Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin. Pre-play shots are improved varying from sideline clips, player close-ups, venue capture, overhead views, and fans. The Halftime presentation is simply a replica of last year but SFX make the game seem extremely more exciting.

© 2019 Electronic Arts Inc.

Below I decided to embed some EA Madden 20 gameplay from @SimFBallCritic. While their is tons of gameplay published, @SimFBallCritic seems the most football intelligence. Uploading all gameplay with the All-Madden difficulty and playing the game in a realistic simulation fashion happens to appeal to the "no shenanigans" motto here at the website. Please enjoy the video and purchase a copy of EA Sports Madden 20 this fall.

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