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EA Madden 20: Changes

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

After Electronic Arts released a beta code of Madden 20 this month, Youtube Vloggers rushed online to give reviews on the well renowned video game. Regardless of if the game lives up to the hype, its release is a epidemic every year selling millions of copies annually and distracting family men and teenage boys away from social environments into men caves worldwide.

This year the cover artist of Madden will feature NFL MVP QB Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes gave us highlight after highlight the entire 2018 NFL season leading the Kansas City Chiefs all the way to the AFC Championship in just his 2nd season. With a multitude of trades and free agent signings, it is hard to predict which NFL franchise will be the most popular choice of Madden 20 gamers. Perhaps this is what will make this upcoming year an exciting year to play XBOX and PS4 online.

Many Madden lovers complained that the artificial intelligence of pass blockers and Zone defenders continued to lapse in last years release. EA not only claims to have fixed these issues, they also have installed game sliders to take away from generic activity building realism. NFL Superstar players will actually feel like superstars, having X Factor abilities that allow them the potential to single handedly take over football games. This installation was of course made with moderation and is only triggered through a series of relevant game events. Like always I'll be sure to upload game footage of me facing off against opponents online when the game releases. For now, I decided to comb YouTube to locate some quality early Gameplay Footage. Check out this video below and leave a comment telling us what you believe Madden 20 will turn out to be. Peace.

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