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Exclusive: Marcus Pollard talks Player Development

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

I had the Luxury of talking with Jacksonville Jaguars Director of Player Development this morning. His tenure as a professional runs over 10 years and his involvement working as a pillar in Football Administration should not in the least be undermined. Check out the exclusive interview below.

Mandatory Credit: Rick Wilson/Jacksonville Jaguars

Marcus Pollard

Director of Player Development & Youth Football

Jacksonville Jaguars

Informational Interview (via. phone)

1. Q: Explain the emotions of helping propel the Jaguars to the AFC Championship this past February?

A: I don’t overly involve myself in the coaching aspects of the team. I let those guys handle that but I did enjoy watching the players unite. The unity and dedication of the team was steady the entire post-season. They didn’t take the Bills lightly (AFC Wild Card), prepared for the Steelers, and Patriots with the same poise. As a former player it was fun to watch.

2. Q: What does your day to day agenda usually consist of?

A: The receptionist calls me the Oliver Pope of the office. I’m here to help people succeed. If there is tension with a player and his girlfriend, when the guys need mentoring, when there is tension between players, players and coaches, I’m there to mediate. I help men take advantage of enrichment opportunities, I work as the glue in the front office.

3. Q: What is the team philosophy within the Jaguars organization, team mission statement?

A: Well Tom Coughlin always says this. “Be A Pro.” Doug Marone and him spend the entire season defining that. He wants them to be on time, be passionate about what they are doing. Be constant, Be accountable, learn how to treat your teammates and family. Watch what you’re eating. Pay attention to film. The leaders; Calais Campbell and Berry Church are huge voices in our locker room.

4. Q: Mercedes Lewis was highly effective at the Tight End position. Although you aren’t the tight end coach are you ever a reference point for him?

A: I have a very good relationship with Mercedes. He always asked me how much did I lift? What did I eat? How did I maintain? I was there as a mentor to him in his career. Me, and Tony Gonzalez who he mentioned often. Our TE coaches also do a terrific job.

5. Q: With fantasy football growing in popularity; are your able to engage youth regarding formations, personnel, and the real strategies of the game?

A: Yeah. I think older guys like myself need to understand that with the emergence of social media, subsidiary leagues, High School, camps, and more, there are so many outlets for the youth to educate themselves regarding the game that they acquire knowledge at a much younger age than we did. I like how so many people have an understanding of the game nowadays.

6. Q: What’s the best restaurant to eat at in Jacksonville?

A: Good question. I'm a Alabama guy so I'm smooth with some Steak and potatoes. With that I'll have to go with Ruth Chris.

Larry: Thanks for talking with me today Mr. Pollard, I can't think of anything else right now but I will type this up. Again I'm a graduate student in Sports so I look for real NFL insight.

Pollard: No problem man, best of luck to you.

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