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Fantasy Stars from Browns/Jets

I once witnessed a live car wreck. A small blue Acura was driving a lane over from me and Cameron, Larryjrnfl's social media strategist, and ahead of us by a few dozen yards. I had a pizza in my lap and Cam was outraged and screaming at me. "Bernie Sanders is the greatest missed opportunity in this country's history!" A few fits of rage later, Cam was calmed and the blue Acura, which was in the second lane form the left, turned about 25º to the left and drove in a straight line right off the road! The car skidded across the emergency lane and slammed into the barrier wall between the two sides of the highway. Two of the Acura's wheels scaled the wall. Two on the wall, two on the road. Now I was screaming. What a ludicrous sight! We passed, I laughed at the lunacy of the situation and we carried on with our evening and the Sanders discussions.

This is New York City 2019 for ya. Bernie aficionados, insanity on the streets, and if you're in the meadowlands, a gruesome car wreck in front of you. New York sports is a blue Acura, good grief! The Jets. Eye rolls, please! Among Monday's carnage, fantasy-wise, what bits of wreckage remained productive? Here are your three top performers:

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

1. Odell Beckham Jr.

A spectacular one-hand snag, an 89-yard sprint for six, and the typical gameplay-altering dynamism on the outside. OBJ submitted one version of a vintage Odell performance; the one where he makes two or three incredible plays, hauls in one unthinkable catch, and genuinely looks like he's a top receiver in the league that is actually having some fun. He didn't whine about NFL wristwatch code, karate chop a kicking net or catch criticism for (probably) doing blow on a boat. Good job by you, Odell.

2. Nick Chubb

Fantasy owners have a Nick Chubb in their pants after another bruising performance from the Georgia back. 18 carries for 62 measurements of three feet and 1 touchdown. A really good performance. Nothing to taunt your friends over, no cause for disappointment either. Unlike Karl Malone, this mailman delivered in week 2.

3. Baker Mayfield

325 and a TD for Mayfield. Shabby? Not at all. Baker played just as good as he needed to for Cleveland to careen the Darnold-less Jets. He out-dueled one of his draft classmates by default--because, well, Sam had sex! And that conquest cost him a few weeks of football. Sam was haunted by the ghost of Brandon Davies--no football if you fornicate! The young swashbuckling Baker Mayfield can't avoid the Arkansas police but he can avoid the Jets pass rush! Dude scrambled past the D-line and sliced the secondary with lethal weapons OBJ and Jarvis Landry, I'm not sure if you've heard of them.

This was really an average performance against a porous New York D. But still, the game was such a laughable disaster that he finished top three in fantasy scoring. It's like winning a horse race when when you're the only one with a jockey. Congrats? Sure. It's the Browns. They've sucked for centuries and aren't stopping yet! Give 'em some positivity.

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