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Fins look finished; Miami takes l In dallas​​​​

The Miami Dolphins traveled to face the Dallas Cowboys and once again went down in a blowout of 31-6. In this sloppy face-off neither team looked great, yet the Cowboys took the W.

At this point, I just feel bad for the Miami Dolphins. Although the first two quarters of this game looked promising for them, they still left Dallas 0-3. It wasn't even a close loss either, it was a 31-6 blowout.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper (19) is pushed out of bounds after the catch by Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard (25) as Miami Dolphins defensive back Chris Lammons (30) closes in on the play during the second half of play at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sunday, September 22, 2019. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins 31-6.(Vernon Bryant / Staff Photographer) Copyright © 2019 The Dallas Morning News. All rights reserved.

What started off as an exciting game quickly spiraled into a sloppy face-off and concluded with the outcome that many expected.

One good thing that did come out of this game for the Dolphins was that they showed the league and its viewers that they aren't as bad as they looked in their first two games. Yes, they did lose by 25, BUT QB Josh Rosen was able to ignite some sort of spark for the team. Unfortunately, there was a lot they didn't capitalize on, hence - they didn't score a touchdown. 156 yards for Rosen, four drives into the Cowboys' offensive zone, and yet they still had nothing.

On the bright side for the Dallas Cowboys, they have advanced to 3-0 for the first time since 2008. QB Dak Prescott started out a little rusty, but as the game went on, and the Dolphins folded, he and WR Amari Cooper showed that they are a pair to watch out for.

Personally, I believe this game would've gone to the Dolphins if they hadn't fumbled the ball at the 6-yard line and the Cowboys managed to recover it. This means they would've ended the first half with a lead of 13-10 instead of being down 10-6. However, that did not happen.

Week 3 Takeaways

Outside of the game, there is a little more to take away from what was shown on the field. The Cowboys' Jourdan Lewis embraced their win over Twitter too when Davon Godchaux of the Dolphins' retweeted and commented on his tackled "If they are the best oline, then what am I?"

Lewis responded with a mere "0-3" followed by Godchaux not tagging him in his "Fam had 1 tackle but he wanna talk" tweet.

We love football drama on and off the field, am I right?

Aside from the comedy, the Dolphins are currently -117 in point differentiation in their first three games. This is one of the worst recorded for the NFL in all its time as a league.

Next week the Miami Dolphins take on the L.A. Chargers, and the Dallas Cowboys take on the New Orleans Saints.

Perhaps the Dolphins will hold their momentum for an entire game and pull off a W. On the other hand, Dallas is not going to be able to play sloppy at any point against an opponent like the Saints if they want to stay undefeated.

Until then...

Just football, no shenanigans.

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