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Heinous Jameis

With Mini Camp expired, the local media has exhausted the story surrounding Jameis Winston's sexual misconduct case. Winston allegedly groped a female Uber Driver. Scary. Winston has put himself in many inappropriate scenarios and hasn't fully confirmed the accusations to be true but simply conveyed that he understood that his behavior during the Uber ride was inappropriate.

Photo Credit: USA Today - April, 2018

While the media continues to find fault with Jameis, his beloved Alabama lineage is optimistic about his tenure in the NFL considering the humble beginnings. No one wants to be seen as a sexual molester, rapist, pervert, or inordinate weirdo, and the incident that took place in that Uber car that day has to make a indisputable dishonor on the NFL. Especially after the HB Ray Rice case back in 2014. With flurries of feminism, the unrest of sexism fuming from the biased disapproval of Donald Trump, and females like Sam Gordon who at the 2018 NFL honors vowed to one day take over the NFL, Winston's case couldn't come at an more inconvenient time for patriarchs of Jesus Christ. Only in a perfect world (you fill in the blank).

Let's couple the fact that the Buccaneers became a blur last year despite acquiring a corn-rolled DeSean Jackson with the off field catastrophes of Winston and sum it all by saying the Bucs are an complete mess. These facts aren't being met by the front offense with that right sort of tact. The Carolina Panthers, Falcons, and Saints have no plans of slowing down in the NFC South while he Bucs seem to be the only team headed the wrong direction. As a result, Winston will miss 3 regular season games and initialize what will be an uphill climb for the Buccaneers next season.

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