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Honolulu Blues

Of course "It's just the preseason" when an NFL fan notices his favorite team on the losing side of an exhibition game. Does this phrase truly justify the uncomely play of the Detroit Lions so far this Preseason?

Source: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America

The preseason is trial and error for all 32 NFL franchises looking to make roster cuts and see the dynamics of their personnel. The optimistic outlook of every team stems from somewhere, but it's particularly irrelevant to highlight the success the Lions showed in 2017. Jim Caldwell and Teryl Austin were fired, Detroit has a plethora of new coaches, players, and most importantly, they have a new culture. Head Coach Matt Patricia implemented disciplinary measures in practice making players run for mild errors during spring training. How will he approximate a number of up downs and suicides to account for such a puzzling start?

Source: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America

Matthew Stafford was non-participatory against the Raiders in Week 1 of the preseason but was non-effective in Week 2 against the Giants. Potential exudes from a Lions team that won 9 games last season, but the schematic genius of new coordinators and assistant coaching has yet to synchronize for the team in any showing. The season is fast approaching, and the Lions margin of error is extremely narrow this season with Aaron Rodgers returning, Kirk Cousins in Minnesota, and Chicago maturing. So what's the solution? Why continue to examine the beloved Lions without presenting a remedy? Well, there's a reason why intelligence and assertiveness don't align as terms in the Thesaurus. Discernment is a supernatural gift and NFL analyst like myself can easily discern that it's going to take more than over-stressing experience standing next to Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady to turn the most losing NFL franchise around in just one-season. Honolulu Blues.

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