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Texans Trade For Thomas

After losing their second best wide receiver for the year, the Houston Texans took to the trade market to find a new second fiddle to DeAndre Hopkins.

Demaryius Thomas. That's the name for Houston fans to get to know. The Texans exchanged a third round pick and a swap of seventh round picks for the aging but yet skilled former superstar who has been the top wideout in Denver for 8 and half years.

While his best days are likely in the rearview mirror, Thomas can still provide a reliable pair of hands and a distraction from elite pass-catcher DeAndre Hopkins -- who very well could be the best receiver in the NFL right now. With Will Fuller IV shut down for the season, Houston needed someone to take his place. They've got a good one -- I believe.

In terms of their games, Fuller vs. Thomas is quite a style clash, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Fuller IV is a younger, more electric guy who looks like a poor man's Odell from time to time with some jaw-dropping catches -- similar to one of his teammates, DeAndre Hopkins.

Thomas might not be the athletic specimen of yesterday-year, but his hands are as reliable as they come. Thomas is a seasoned route-runner, and a veteran still good for 100 yard outbursts even in his 30's.

I like the trade for Houston considering they basically just gave up a third-rounder. Often times, NFL owners and GM's hold onto draft picks tighter than a child holds a teddy bear during a thunderstorm. The fact is: third round picks are whatever, hit or miss. You might (key word: might) get a star, or a guy who flames out after 5 minutes. And when you can reel in a former pro-bowler at the tail-end of his prime for that price, bite on it, always.

After starting the season off with an abysmal 3 game losing streak, most faith was lost in the Texans. But here we sit, heading into week 9 and Houston is 5-3, atop the AFC South and now armed with one of the best one-two wide receiver punches in the League. Dear National Football League, looks out for the Houston Texans, because they are rolling.

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