Julio Jones Joins Titans: AFC South

Updated: Jun 28

Although Julio Jones adds even more star power to the Titans' offense, don't expect the Titans to run away with the AFC South.

All-pro WR Julio Jones is now a Tennessee Titan. He joins superstars Derrick Henry and AJ Brown in a loaded offense. With Jones' arrival, the Titans will be considered the favorites in the AFC South. The division is likely to have a captivating dynamic all year with two playoff contenders (Colts & Titans), the No.1 overall pick (Trevor Lawrence), and one disastrous franchise (Texans) who is watching it all slip away.

How much value does the 32-year old Julio Jones give the Titans anyway? According to BetMGM, the Titans were +110 to be divisional champions. The post-Jones trade odds barely jumped as the Titans are now an equal value bet with the Colts to take the AFC South crown at +105. Various things can explain the minimal jump in odds after receiving such a talented player.