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The King is Healthy, Joe Burrow Returns

Updated: May 5, 2021

By all accounts, Joe Burrow is on track to start Week 1. In his most recent interview with Cris Collinsworth, he stated that he was ahead of schedule, and that is his expectation.

For the Bengals-the biggest question is will both Joe Mixon and Joe Burrow be healthy on the field together this season?

"Rehab is going awesome, ahead of schedule, things are looking up." - Joe Burrow

Via.The Cris Collinsworth Podcast featuring Richard Sherman

Burrow is one of the most motivated players in the league in terms of wanting to be the best at his craft. His parents gave him an opportunity to go on a little vacation this off-season with them and he declined, not wanting to miss out on rehab time in Cincy. His dedication to becoming better is 2nd to none and he will do everything in his power to be on the field Week 1.

His HB, Joe Mixon has struggled to stay healthy for a entire season the last two years. Whether it was the foot injury he suffered in Week 6 this year or the ankle injury he suffered in the 2019 season, Mixon has seemed to be missing in action.

Mixon is one of the highest-paid HB's in the league and losing him in Week 6 hurt the entire offense. The Bengals, since Mixon's injury-didn't have a RB get more rushing yards than Mixon in the final 10 games of the season (Mixon only played in the first six games).

"Joe is good. He's working out. I know he feels really good right now." - Zac Taylor

Via. Zoom Press Conference with Bengals Media

It's safe to say Mixon is a pivotal point for this offense and the run game isn't the same without him. Getting him back will be huge for the Bengals success this upcoming season. Combining a full season with Mixon and Burrow will bring great success for the Bengals in 2021.

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