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An Aura of physicality and finesse helped propel the Seahawks over the Carolina Panthers this afternoon. When things got tight, Russell Wilson tightened his grip.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Panthers came into the day on a two game losing streak. Their most recent loss came against a struggling Detroit Lions team, leaving their once 6-2 season schedule depreciated. Head coach Ron Rivera’s expressions were just as priceless on the sideline today as they have been the entire month of November. Carolina's flaws on defense are beginning to mount up. Their inability to stop the pass is atrocious and while Luke Kuechly is still one of the best LB's in the NFL, his morale has been shaken due to the stats opponent offenses are producing against the Panthers defense. Today's 30-27 loss came by way of a 20 point Seahawks 2nd half and the brilliance of Russell Wilson.

Carolina is now 6-5. HB Christian McCaffrey was pummeled mercilessly at times today, so Norv Turner should be thinking of ways to get him rest. His durability goes without question but the man simply is not a superhero. His agile strengths at times get exhausted by power runs he's forced to take due to the Panthers lack of a quality second option. As the weather gets colder, and games become more pivotal, the Panthers will need to find some self-motivation. If not, they'll be sitting at home come January. Coach Ron Rivera will likely be seen making another exasperated facial expression.

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