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New Era Same Aaron

Aaron Rodgers was basically a blur in the 2018 NFL season after a pummeling hit from Vikings LB Anthony Barr broke his collarbone. His absence negated an expected Packers playoff push last year and yielded the signing of new TE's Jimmy Graham and Mercedes Lewis. With cheerful green and yellow color schemes lining the Green Bay practice facility, and the million dollar grin of QB Aaron Rodgers, the Packers have cause to believe that their resurface as a NFC elite team is just around the corner.

Mandatory Credit -2018 | Evan Siegle

QB Stats are like the CarFax, and if we show you the CarFax on a vehicle named Aaron Rodgers, you'd understand how to define a commodity. Yes, the Seahawks deflected the Packers in the 2016 NFC Championship, and since favor has fled away from one of the most popular NFL franchises around but they hired in new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine and drafted new DB's to sow up some defensive woes. Unfortunately, LB Jake Ryan is now reported as injured, and the Packers ability to stop the run ranked them 17th in rush yards allowed per game last season. The bright side however is that they'll be looking for DT Mike Daniels to dictate the line of scrimmage, and rely on their offense to dictate the time of possession stat giving their defense numerous of Gatorade breaks. Perhaps the Packers can improve their takeaways from 13th to the top of the league. Since Defense comes in many shapes in sizes, I'm guessing that Pettine will install some robber schemes and blitz packaging to yield turnovers and the uproar of Lambeau field for momentum.

2018 | Green Bay Press-Gazette-USA TODAY Sports

Oh yeah we forgot to stress that Aaron Rodgers has only been one of the best QB's in the NFL. Certainly his presence can make a difference for the Packers outcome. The NFC North is becoming a extremely tough division, and Green Bay certainly contributes to the reputation that is being established. A revamped Detroit Lions offense should cause them problems, the Bears want to broil Rodgers, and the Vikings aren't far removed from the desire to slam Packer personnel into the gridiron all season long. Of course, the Packers aren't banking solely on Rodgers to save the day and 2018 season, but that does not dismiss the fact that he is highly capable. (Video Below)

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