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NFC Wild Card: Cowboy Charisma

The Dallas Cowboys have spent the last two months playing physical defense and offense. Their charisma helped to propel them over the Seattle Seahawks 24-22 in Saturday's NFC Wild Card match-up.

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Of course NFL critics want to scorn QB Dak Prescott for his unimpressive numbers and horrid performance against the Colts last month. A few sleeper games may have caught the Cowboys by surprise but their most recent bout with Seattle was for all the marbles. Trailing 14-10 late in the 2nd half, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys turned on their thinking caps. Rod Marinelli refused to revert to a pass heavy offense and remained patient with counter runs, quick passing, and screens. Forcing the Seahawks defense to commit, the Cowboys leveraged, playing keep away and winning the time of possession statistic 34:50 to 25:10. While the LA Rams bring much more of a punch on the offensive side of the ball, Dallas may want to implement this same schematic next week in the Divisional round. Playing keep away will be the only formula inept to keep their defense energized and objectives of reaching the NFC Championship probable.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks surpassed all projections this season. They simply ran into a thriving Cowboys team at AT&T Stadium this weekend. Sadly, this may be the last run the Seahawks have in a developing NFC West division. The Arizona Cardinals will improve under Josh Rosen, the 49ers will recover from injury, and the LA Rams are clear juggernauts for at least one more season. Pete Carroll has done a terrific job of keeping the Seahawks together despite the controversy of S Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. I want to commend them for an incredible season and hope to see them fetch new offensive linemen to beef up their already stellar rushing attack going forward. Conclusively, it's 1 & done for Seattle this post-season.

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