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No 12th man, Just Russell Wilson

Century link field may have been empty on SNF but Russell Wilson’s stat sheet was not.

Game Story

  • In a chess match between Pete Carroll and the offensive mastermind of Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels, the Seahawks prevailed.

  • In the 1st half, the pass rush of the Pats seemed to dictate the game.

  • As the game progressed and fatigue set in - Wilson & the Seahawks pulled away.


QB Cam Newton looked poised in the offense of the Patriots all night. Their decision to run the QB Power at the end was simply McDaniels trying something new (a trial & error).

The Patriots like to assess what personnel they have before committing to one style of play (for the season) and may have opted for the Play Action Pass if Newton had considered an audible.

I can honestly say that the New England Patriots are still prime to win their division despite losing Tom Brady.

With this said the Seattle Seahawks are just outstanding because of the man they have under center.

The addition of S Jamal Adams helps as he’s able to run QB's off of their comfort spot (blitz), cover TE’s and can stuff to run when needed.

Adams has become a perfect replacement for S Earl Thomas who moved on to the Baltimore Ravens last season.

It’s 2-0 for the Seahawks.

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