No Rush At All

As a native of Detroit, MI I'm almost immune to the plea that the Detroit Lions have failed to maximize their potential due to a lack of a rushing attack. The stats speak for themselves and failure to produce a single NFC North Division Title over the last 15 years is becoming quite a horror for NFL spectators. New head coach, new GM, and new personnel will have to mean pending success right? Well Maybe.

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It's isn't hard to detect the shift in atmosphere surrounding the Detroit Lions. New England Patriots champion Football Administrators now occupy vitally important offices at the Lions headquarters and they're looking forward to showing their expertise by turning QB Matthew Stafford's super stat career into that of a Super Bowl Champion. The addition of LeGarrette Blount and Kerryon Johnson will stir things up in the running back room for coach David Walker who after being terminated from the Indianapolis Colts in 2015 hasn't shown much rebound. Rightfully so of course considering that he's been dealing with injury after injury with his personnel groups. Unlike the pressure that swarmed Jim Caldwell during his final two years as head coach, the new guys in office are taking it extremely easy. This doesn't necessarily mean that these men aren't working hard to make epic changes, it just means that the grace necessary to due so is showing itself apparently sufficient. Check out this video below.

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