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Packers Win Streak Continues: Chiefs Need Mahomes

Rodgers and the Packers continue their four game winning after defeated the Chiefs Sunday.

Oct 27, 2019; Kansas City, MO, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) throws a pass during the first half abasing the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

A what seemed to be a marquee matchup of the season was downplayed precisely a week ago in Denver Colorado, when the reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes dove in for a QB sneak near the end of the first half, injuring his knee. This resulted in Mahomes potentially missing the rest of the regular season, without a precise timetable to return to the field. The Chiefs staggered into Sunday night without their fearless leader, their franchise QB, against a Packers team that has found its groove, having only lost one regular season game and coming into it with a 3-game winning streak.

In his 15th season, Rodgers has been nothing but spectacular this season, racking up 13 touchdowns and only threw 2 interceptions thus far in the regular season, with a respectable 62 QB rating. Meanwhile, Chiefs are relying on the backup QB Matt Moore, who is coming off his first regular season game since Week 1, throwing 117 yards on 10 of 19 completion accompanied with one touchdown and holding the Broncos in the process. This game will mark Moore’s first start for the Chiefs in his 12th year in the NFL organization.

The beginning of the game went as to what everybody expected. In the first drive of the game, Packers cut through the Chief’s questionable defense with ease, ending a 10-play, 74-yard drive at the endzone. With missed opportunities from both teams, the Chiefs made a costly mistake, missing a 50-yard field goal, giving the Packers relatively good positioning at their own 40-yard line. Rodgers threw a sharp 50-yard to RB Aaron Jones, and through there, the Packers have yet again reached the end-zone, extending the lead to a 2-possession game.

Oct 27, 2019; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Moore (8) throws a pass against the Green Bay Packers during the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

As the crowd was beginning to sense fear and worry as their current QB is struggling under the spotlight, QB Matt Moore was able to silence those fears and completely took over the second quarter. In the next Chiefs drive, Moore and the Chiefs executed a fine 89-yard drive, ending with a stellar and impressive 29-yard reception by TE Kelce from QB Moore. With this new profound confidence and momentum propelling this new starting quarterback from the Chiefs, the Chiefs were able to score on every possession in the second quarter, capitalizing on the Packer’s missed opportunities and dead drives, not only cutting down the deficit, but also taking the lead as halftime was signaled. The Chiefs led by the half by a mere field goal over the Packers.

Unfortunately, the Chiefs could not extend their lead in their opening drive of the second half, giving the Packers the opportunity to tie the game with a long 8-minute drive that took up most of the third quarter, ending in a field goal. The Chiefs immediately fumbled, and the Packers have the possession with the score tied at 17 all, entering into the final quarter of the game. The Packers took advantage of the Chief's sloppiness and their phenomenol positioning at the Chief's 27, and in just 5 plays, was able to retake their lead as Rodgers found RB Williams yet again in the endzone. The Chiefs proved that they were not going down without a dogfight, and QB Matt Moore led a charge for a comeback, slowly dismantling the Packer's defense in a long 5-minute drive, resulting in a 3-yard endzone run from RB Damien Williams. But unfortunately, it looks like the Chief's defense just discombobulated, as miscommunication and wrong assignments led to an easy touchdown drive for the Packers, as Rodgers was able to find RB Jones for a 67-yard throw for the endzone in just the second play of the drive. The Chiefs could not convert, and the Packers slowly ate up the clock and taking home the victory at a loud Arrowshead Stadium.

The Chiefs should not hang their head down after their defeat against the Packers. For the backup QB Moore to take over the starting position and to put on an impressive performance, the Chiefs prove that they have a serviceable leader making the calls at the helm. But this goes without question that the Chiefs have a lot of work cut off for them if they are serious in contending for the title this year. The defense needs to make the appropriate assignments and avoid long runs after catch, and the Chiefs need an overall protection of the ball. However, the QB Moore surpassed expectations, being able to hold on his own against a very talented, generational talent in Rodgers, not wimpering or shying away from the spotlight when his role was called. Therefore, viewers should expect not blowouts, but competitive bouts for any opponent against the Chiefs in the upcoming weeks, amidst Mahomes' absence.

The Packers will face a struggling Chargers team, while the Chiefs look to find inspiration as they face another NFC North team in the red-hot Minnesota Vikings, who is coming in with a 4-game winning streak. Minnesota Vikings are in a neck-to-neck competition for the division title against the Packers, who are just one game ahead of the Vikings.







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