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Patricia's Poise

New Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia is as confident as a Bald Eagle. His foresight is to prey on anything that hinders the Lions from being successful.

(Mike Mulholland |

I had the pleasure of attending Detroit Lions Training Camp Sunday morning and noticed that the demeanor of the players has become quite different. Haughtiness is almost non-existent, minimal gesturing, just systematic play calling and motion. After scoping the field and watching the drill sets of multiple positions, I developed a desire to locate the head coach. I spotted him almost fully emerged in the happenings of practice, roaming about and monitoring not the technique of his team but the energy. An intuitive insight forces me to believe that whatever Patricia has posed in team meetings, among staff, and during practice, is certainly edifying the confidence of this team.

Now before Lions fans easily become emerged with the developments of this team, count it equally as important to assess the developments made by opposing rivals. The Vikings seem stainless, Aaron Rodgers is back, and the Bears plan to play smash mouth physical defense in 2018. These divisional opponents have been plagued by injury for the last two season (Dalvin Cook, Bradford, Aaron Rodgers, etc.) and the Lions inability to excel a 9-7 record drew a merited unrest that cost former head coach Jim Caldwell his employment.

Poise is a requirement, focus as well, but results mean more than them both.

(Mike Mulholland |

It's never fair to be antagonistic, and it's also never fair to be pretentious. So the questions remains, what is the objective of every NFL team? To win the Super Bowl. If the Lions are going to win the NFC North, it'll be because the Detroit Lions offense averaged 26 points per game in 2018. Patricia is exactly what the Lions needed; a gutsy play calling on defense with disguised blitzing and packaging. While one may marvel at the expertise that Patricia embodies, and the Patriot accolades that currently fume Lions headquarters, what will adversity mean for this team in 2018? During potential two-game losing streaks, how will Patricia respond? These are serious questions that only time can answer. When the time clock starts in 2018 they'll be no pretense to uphold, just millions of NFL fans worldwide seeing if the Lions are who they say they are. (Video Below)

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