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Updated: May 17, 2018

Kirk Cousins is the new QB for the Minnesota Vikings. Will he be the addition that gets the team over the hump into the Super Bowl?

Kirk Cousins At Minicamp - April, 2018 via.

The Minnesota Vikings and their former leader Case Keenum created a highlight legacy for the SKOL regime last postseason. The Short-live glory was subsided thanks to a huge interception made by Super Bowl LII Champion defensive Back Patrick Robinson.Losing to the team that went on to win the SUper Bowl isn't a bad feat and corrective measure were taken to get a man passionate about the game of football into the Offensive huddle.

The Bears will be Improved this year, the Lions have a new head coach and the Packers may finally have a revived Aaron Rodgers behind center (not to mention the addition of Jimmy Graham).

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