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Raiders Shine in the Vegas Lights

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Before the game, the Vegas Raiders “lit” what seemed to be a giant inflatable torch to honor their late owner Al Davis (1929 – 2011).

The Raiders aptly honored one of Davis’s famous quotes, “just win baby.” They did in a fashion that would make the Raiders of old proud.

Las Vegas started slow but I have to give Gruden credit because he knows exactly what he has in Derrick Carr. Gruden knows exactly how to mask Carr’s limited skill set.

Carr checked down all night and let his relatively-talented skill players pick up the slack. Carr missed an open Henry Ruggs III on a deep outside post, which was one of his only shots downfield in the first half. He threw a short touchdown to his fullback and hit a depth chart receiver that made a nice play on the ball.

Good Ole' Saints

  • The Raiders’ defense had a hard time slowing down HB Kamara on the ground and through the short passing game in the 1st half.

  • New Orleans didn't convert a 3rd down because of an OPI and Brees threw a pick right before halftime that led to an easy 3 for the Raiders to tie at the half.

  • The Saints self-destructed in the 2nd half with sloppy penalties and Brees missing some easy throws.

Raiders Takeover

Derrick Carr began spreading the ball around in the 2nd half. During their opening 2nd half drive, Carr completed a pass to his 10th different receiver of the game.

Although he fumbled the snap on the 1-yard line in the 3rd , on the very next play, Carr converted a 4th and goal to TE Darren Waller to give Las Vegas the lead. The lead ended up swelling to 14 before the Saints responded.

Brees cut the lead to 7 with 4:33 to go, and he looked like a completely different quarterback while doing it.

However, The Saints kicked the ball away to Las Vegas with only one TO left. After milking the clock down to under 1 minute, Raiders K Daniel Carlson trotted out for a 54 yard field goal, which sealed off the Saints.


  • Gruden runs the perfect offense for squeezing every ounce of talent out of Derrick Carr.

  • Drew Brees and the Saints severely missed WR Michael Thomas within their offense.

  • Darren Waller has arrived - He's a top tier TE and New Orleans had no answer for him.

  • Finally, the Raiders are slightly better than expected

  • Age is really catching up to Brees, but the Saints will be okay, this year.

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