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Rams Win Thriller over Cheifs

In what some pundits and fans have already dubbed "The Greatest Regular Season Football Game of All Time," the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 54-51. Double take. "What??" Was that the score of the Virginia Basketball game last night? No, that was the final score of a professional football game, and every single second was glorious.

As the Monday Night Football crew reminded us no less than 5 dozen times, this was the latest meeting between two one-loss teams from opposing conferences. Both sitting at 9-1 and in prime position to siege the top seed in their respective conferences, this was a humongous game for both parties.

And speaking of parties, this game certainly was one for unaffiliated fans. I feel like I should personally fly to Nantucket or wherever the hell Roger Goodell lives and give him a crisp 100 dollar bill for allowing me to view such a pleasing display of athletics at its absolute apex.

Rams tight end Tyler Higbee catches a pass in front of Kansas City Chiefs strong safety Eric Murray, left, during the first half of an NFL game Monday, Nov. 19, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo)

Jared Goff. Todd Gurley. Sean McVey. Patrick Mahomes. Tyreek Hill. Kareem Hunt. Those names, the ones I just listed so conveniently for the readers, are going to be in our lives for the next 8 years minimum. McVey with his gelled-up hair and Belichick comparisons. Goff with his impeccable accuracy. Gurley with his relentlessness. Mahomes with his Herculean arm. Hill with his 40-yard-dash. Hunt with his rabbit-like agility.

I can't wait to watch these dudes filet defenses for my foreseeable football-watching future. Moment after moment, my jaw slammed on to my carpeted college dorm floor as the aforementioned men worked their wizardry in the Coliseum. It was a display of the present elite echelon of the NFL, but also a beacon lighting the path to the future of the League, one full playmaking gluttony and defensive chaos. In other words...FUN.

Now, the game at hand.

I'm not going to recap the entirety of the brilliant point-scoring eruption that was Rams-Chiefs, so I'll leave it to the NFL's official highlights. Watch these, all of these, over and over and over. They're more beautiful to watch than Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel. Here you go:

For the Chiefs, the game was a tough one to lose, but ultimately this single contest will likely become inconsequential by season's end. They were playing with house money here, quite literally. As a 3.5 point road underdog and the current AFC leaders by a game and a half, Kansas City had some leeway.

Los Angeles is in a tougher race in the NFC. Their main competition, New Orleans, bested them a few weeks earlier and currently has the same record as the Rams. Plus, with the game being at home, LA was more or less expected to win.

And they did. With well over a minute left on the clock, Jared Goff floated one of his usual sky-high perfectly thrown darts 40 yards to Gerald Everrett for a lead-taking touchdown.

Mahomes and the Chiefs got the pigskin back and Mahomes threw a backbreaking interception Luckily, he'd rocketed the ball a million yards downfield, so the Rams were well out of scoring position.

LA took over and failed in their own right to earn a first down. Punt: Chiefs football. But, for the second time in as many possessions, a Mahomes bomb, while being catapulted all the way across the field, fell one yard short and was picked off. Goff kneels. Rams win "The Greatest Regular Season Football Game of All Time."

Between the coaching, quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, defensive touchdowns and unmatched scoring theatrics, 2018's edition of the Chiefs vs. the Rams wove a tapestry of football brilliance that many of us fans haven't seen in our lives. Thanks to all who contributed.

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