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AFC WILD CARD: Rivers Resolution

The LA Chargers defeated the Ravens 23-17 in their AFC Wild Card match-up. The games final score didn't really show truly how much Los Angeles dominated the game.

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The LA Chargers defense is still without speedster DB Jason Verett but OLB Melvin Ingram III, DE Joey Bosa, DB Casey Hayward, and a host of other names helped stifle Lamar Jackson all afternoon at M&T Bank Stadium. Jackson was held to a horrid 6 passing yards in the 1st half, and a wave of grunts permeated M&T Bank Stadium as the Ravens trailed 23-3 at the beginning of the 4th Quarter. Phillip Rivers was flawless. Despite the swarming pass rush of the Ravens, Rivers produced several 3rd down passes to Gates, Allen, and others to keep Baltimore demoralized in crucial situations. Waiting for the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC Divisional Round are the New England Patriots. Phillip Rivers has never won a post-season match-up against the Patriots. Contrarily, he had then not been accompanied by the type of weaponry he now has on the current Chargers roster. In a new year, Rivers may be looking to right some of the wrongs that continue to put a blemish on his hall of fame resume.

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John Harbaugh remained faithful to a struggling Lamar Jackson and passively watched an opportunity to defeat the Chargers slip out of reach. Maybe the Ravens will stay faithful to Harbaugh, or maybe they will dismiss him from his duties as head coach. Eventually, the dynamic winning-stretch that the Ravens put on was destined to come to an end. The bitter taste of defeat will send their front office back to the drawing board. Joe Flacco will likely move on into free agency and additional changes will manifest as time allows into their off-season. Despite the 14-0 scoring run at the games latter, the performance of the Ravens most valued asset was rather dismal. Their are so many questions to be answered, but without question, the Ravens chances at a Super Bowl appearance in 2019 is out of the window.

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