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The New Orleans Saints are on a role to say the least. After a 51 point smacking against Who Dey Nation this afternoon, the Saints have their eyes set on sealing up home field Playoff position and winning the NFC South.

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Today QB Drew Brees passed Brett Farve for 2nd most TD passes in league history. Brees already leads the entire HOF in total yards passing and with a plethora of offensive weaponry, the addition of WR Dez Bryant will only mean trouble for opponents. New Orleans has a mastermind of a head coach in Sean Payton and the elusiveness of HB Alvin Kamara only adds insult to injury. Sunday they had a field day on the Cincinnati Bengals. The Saints produced over 500 total yards and led the time of possession statistic by nearly 20 minutes. Forcing the Bengals into one dimension by way of a early lead, the Saints unleashed their pass rush giving Andy Dalton absolute frustration. Next week the defending Super Bowl Champions will make a visit to the Super Dome. Perhaps the revamped Eagles have plans on a late season run to re-establish themselves as contenders in the NFC.

While 5-4 isn't a record that should warrant the Bengals any panic, they certainly are losing tread in the AFC North. They aren't particularly highly effective in zone defenses, and with mediocrity at the defensive back position an attempt to play man to man will only lead to catastrophe. It certainly happened that way today for them. Next week they'll visit the Baltimore Ravens who are looking to end their 3-game losing streak. With the Browns, Raiders, Chargers, and Steelers still remaining of their schedule, the Bengals will have a physical ride to the finish of their 2018 NFL season.

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