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Seattle Slays the Vikings

Dear old-era NFL apologists,

Do you want defense? You want a 3-0 game at halftime? Want complete quarterback malfeasance? Then this is your Super Bowl. Live it up. If you're like most passionate lovers of football and enjoy a wildly entertaining offensive Mona Lisa, then go ahead and re-read my recap of Rams/Cheifs earlier this season. Now THAT was a football game. This mud battle between two NFC playoff hopefuls? Well, of all the football games I've watched, this is certainly one of them.

After I watched the first Minnesota drive, it was immediately obvious I'd be in for a long night of defensive splendor. When Kirk Cousins and his merry band of Norwegian soldiers jogged onto the turf, the announcer goes, "well this offensive line hasn't been very good." Nice. Great way to start the ball game.

And on that first possession, Kirk Cousins, in consecutive plays, turned 180º around and threw the ball backwards to his running back, and then on 3rd and 14, tossed it out to his running back who had BOBBY WAGNER closing in on him. You can guess how that play ended (actually with a penalty, but Wagner still gobbled him up).

For the rest of the first half it was a repeat of that sequence over and over again. Blah. But hey, at least there was some gritty defense being played.

The second half, on the other hand, offered up 25 more points between the two teams, and a field goal was even blocked by none other than Bobby Wagner.

Other than that...look, I'd love to publish a 1500 word post about how awesomely fun and entertaining matchup this was to watch; simply wasn't.

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Both quarterbacks were bad. Kirk missed open receivers all night long--and didn't really get much help from his pass-catchers as there were several easy drops. Russell was scrambling for his life most of the night and never got in any rhythm. Also, the Seahawks play calling was atrocious and I think I tallied about 13485 Tyler Lockett reveres.

Nonetheless, Seattle came out on top, and are in square position for an NFC wildcard spot. Same goes for the Vikings, who are still a half-game up on the remaining suitors for the 6 seed.

In the ultimate Monday Night snooze fest, Seattle woke up just in time to eek out a win while Minnesota slept-walked through the whole dang game.

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