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Skin In The Game

Heading into Training Camp and the approaching NFL 2018 Preseason, little reverence has been given to the Washington Redskins and what type of season they will lead. The acquisition of QB Alex Smith was taken lightly. I mean, Smith only registered 4,000 passing yards in his 2017 Pro Bowl season, and has proven an ability to conquer the AFC West in his tenure with the Chiefs. Let's also mention that New WR Paul Richardson spent 3 season practicing against a legendary Legion of Boom secondary, and will likely torch NFC East defensive backs next season. Rookies Darrius Guice, Troy Apke, and other personnel make accolades seemingly reasonable on paper for Washington. Will this stacked roster manifest success on the field?

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Head Coach Jay Gruden is a stern figurehead, the likable guy in office for Washington. His aggression should mesh well with the confidence of his new QB, and couple well with the passion of his defensive leader Josh Norman. I expect this team to average around 24 points per game this year and rank as a top 10 scoring offense. I am expecting two leverages in this area to excel, their ability to sustain offensive possessions by tiring out opponents, and a projected ability to get more turnovers after ranking 23 in takeaways last year. By forcing opponents into more pass situations they should be able to push their way into a mid-tier defensive team.

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Within the NFC East lies the Cowboys (Still questionable on defense), a nemesis Philadelphia Eagles team and the New York Giants who will get Odell Beckham Jr. back after a 2017 injury made him non-participatory most of last season. Regardless of these competitors, there's something about this Redskins team that will propel them into a winning record against NFC East divisional opponents. By being a physical force at the line of scrimmage (on offense), and putting up quality rushing numbers, I expect the Redskins to win 7-8 games at minimum this season. They've made the necessary steps to get some skin in the game, and now it's time to push forward. Check out the video below.

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