Super Bowl LV Preview

For the first time in Super Bowl history, an NFL team will be playing in their home stadium and have a reduced fan capacity due to COVID-19. QB Tom Brady, enters his 10th Super Bowl appearance taking NFL record books and running away with them.

Brady's foe this year will be QB Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that seemingly has an emerging dynasty... well, that is since QB Tom Brady left the New England Patriots.

Are Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid ushering in the new evil-empire of the NFL, or will Bruce Arians and Tom Brady continue to defy space and time?

Kansas City

With just three seasons as the Chiefs’ starter, Patrick Mahomes already has the resume of a Hall of Fame inductee. He is without question the new face for elite quarterback play, and is masterful behind the league’s most prolific offense. The #1 ranked offense, powered by the #1 ranked passing attack, has been an unrelenting nightmare for NFL defenses since 2018.

During the regular season, TE Travis Kelce and WR Tyreek Hill have a combined 2,692 yards and a staggering 26 TD's.

If the Chiefs’ All-Pro receivers aren’t in effect, pro-bowlers WR Sammy Watkins and WR Mecole Hardman add further reliability and speed to an already potent offense.

To truly understand what makes this team so great, is to understand how they lose. Patrick Mahomes has lost just 8 games as a starter. The average score against the Chiefs in those losses? 36. To beat QB Patrick Mahomes, you need to score at least 5 touchdowns against a Kansas City defense that is allowing just 20.5 points per game.

Tampa Bay

Tom Brady shouldn’t be here. He’s 43 years old, with a new team, new offensive system, and fought all just for a wild card spot in the playoffs. Yet, here he is in the Super Bowl yet again.

The Bucs were just behind the Chiefs with the 2nd ranked passing offense. If there were a team to survive a shootout with Mahomes, this would be the one to do it.

Pro Bowl WR's Mike Evans and Chris Godwin stretch a defense to cover the entire field, while Antonio Brown provides them with a needed X-factor. HB's Leonard Fournette and