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Texans Win 8th Straight

The Houston Texans are on a 8 game winning streak and destined to win the AFC South. How can they sustain this momentum heading into the post-season?

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The injury of WR Kyle Fuller led Houston to acquire Demaryius Thomas from the Denver Broncos a few weeks ago. The goal was to find an outside threat opposite of DeAndre Hopkins for DeShaun Watson to target. What the Texans got was a physical WR who aids in stretching the field on outside runs from HB Lamar Miller. Most AFC teams are at an athletic disadvantage on the outside at corner back and this is the reason the Texans are ranked 4th in the NFL in rushing. Houston will battle against the Browns in Week 13. Apparently NFL Network analyst James Jones believes Cleveland will defeat Houston. He also believes the Packers can finish the season on a 5 game winning streak. I however, predict the contrary in both scenarios.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Three teams are fighting to finish at the top of the AFC and Kansas City is the team that has destiny in their own hands. The Texans have the easiest closing schedule and if they are who they say they are favor may be on their side. Houston Head Coach Bill O' Brien has turned a 0-3 team into a red hot contender for the AFC. As long as the poise of this team does not waver, things are looking up for the Texans.

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