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49ers Should Be Thinking QB

Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch are not willing to risk another wasted season due to Garappolo's unreliability.

Niners QB Jimmy Grappolo failed to stay healthy in 2020. Since joining the team in 2017, he's missed a total of 31 regular-season games. Garappolo has missed 50% of regular-season games during his time in San Francisco and last season, Shanahan was stuck with embarrassing QB play from backups Nick Mullens and CJ Beathard.

With Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson likely going No.1 and No.2, the Niners are faced with choosing between Mac Jones, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance. However, no matter who Shanahan picks, it is vital that player turns into what Shanahan believes they can be. The 49ers have a real opportunity to compete for championships in the coming years if Shanahan nails this pick.

The main obstacle any team faces when chasing a Super Bowl is signing and keeping talent while staying under the salary cap. This is where the 49er's current roster gives them an advantage- key players Fred Warner, Deebo Samuel, Brandon Ayuk, Nick Bosa, and Javon Kinlaw are all still on rookie deals, meaning Shanahan has premium players for nearly nothing.

Shanahan knows he must take advantage of these team-friendly contracts while he has them.

It is impossible to know if the Niners will have chosen the right QB until a few games into the season. The only certain thing is the fact that whoever is chosen will be cheap for the next four years. Previous Super Bowl Champions will show us relatively cheap QB's are vital to success. The past eight Super Bowl-winning QB's cap hits in the season they won breakdown like this.

  • '20-21- Tom Brady ($27.8M)

  • '19-20- Patrick Mahomes ($5.3M)

  • '18-19- Tom Brady ($22M)

  • '17-18- Nick Foles ($13.6M)

  • '16-17- Tom Brady ($13.76M)

  • '15-16- Payton Manning ($17.5M)

  • '14-15- Tom Brady ($14.8M)

  • '13-14- Russel Wilson ($681K)

As the contracts suggest, having a QB on a team-friendly deal is essential. None of the eight previous Super Bowl Champions were on max deals, which can run up to $45M per year now, like Mahomes and Dak Prescott's extensions. It is necessary to have cap available to sign playmakers.

The Niners- with star talent secured, should be a favorite to win the NFC for years if they select the right QB, come April 29th.

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