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The Back-Up Plan

The red hot Chicago Bears fell feat to the Miami Dolphins in south Florida this weekend. Who knew that back-up QB Brock Osweiler would be the man to end their two game losing streak.

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In a defensive brawl, the Dolphins threw two interceptions, fumbled, and spent more than 36 minutes on the field trying to get some type of rhythm on the offensive side of the ball. In a tit for tat war, a 28 to 28 tie was broken by the leg of Miami Dolphins Kicker Jason Sanders. Walking away from Week 6 the Dolphins should like their resilience on the field. Physicality is a definite sign of endurance in the NFL especially as the season is beginning to turn towards its mid-point. The AFC East have a batch of hunting teams and the 4-2 Dolphins are not going to go down unheard this season. In all respects the victory is something they have to be happy about, especially with their starting QB missing in action.

Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Moral victories don't really count in the NFL but the Bears believe firmly in their abilities after losing a close game. Matt Nagy has already exceeded expectations for a QB Mitchell Trubisky led offense that is now averaging 27.8 ppg. A costly goal line fumble by HB Jordan Howard deflated a lot of 1st half momentum and the inability to win field position made a road win against a creative Dolphins offense incomplete. The Bears have a 0-1 record in the NFC North already, but their season record is keeping them sitting at the top in the rankings right now. With the Vikings climbing the ranks and the Lions punishing teams at home, it will be great to see how the Bears will fare in the next half of the season. One game at a time of course.

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