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The Bills Bully the Denver Broncos

Bye Bill and Brady, Say Hello to the new AFC East Champion Buffalo Bills.

Broncos fans were hoping to defeat the Bills and get the upset this weekend. Yet, this did not happen.

Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen had a field day on the Broncos defense. Allen went a whopping 28/30 for 359 yds and 2 TD's (both rushing). Diggs caught 11 of those 28 and totaled for 147 yds as the Bills ended the game on a 27-0 scoring run. A 51-yard TD run by HB David Singletary seemed to rub it in the 4th quarter.

The Bills Can Finish 2nd in the AFC

The Buffalo Bills could potentially finish as the #1 seed in the AFC. Yeah, but this probably will not happen. However, if the Pittsburgh Steelers slip up and lose against the Bengals, Colts, or Browns the Bills could finish in 2nd place in the AFC. Finishing 2nd in the AFC would assure that the Bills play at least one home match-up in the Playoffs. Most critics believe that the Chiefs are the best team in the AFC and arguably so. I however would place my highest faith in the defending champions and believe the Steelers are being severely underestimated.


The Bills defense currently ranks 16th in the NFL. This imid-tier rank means that their defense has been exploited in several match-ups this season. This season the team has given up 42 to the Titans , 28 to the Dolphins, 34 to the Seahawks, and 32 to the Cardinals. 3 of the teams mentioned in the previous sentence are Playoff contenders . The Broncos are not.

As the Bills move forward boastfully, they'll be happy to know that the long drought is over and that they can finally say they are the best team in the AFC East. Bills fans however, think they are the best team in the NFL.

What are your thoughts? Are the Bills the best team in the NFL? Log in with Facebook or Google to join the conversation below.
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