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The Con Man

The emergence of HB James Conner has made the offseason shenanigans of HB Le'Veon Bell even more questionable. Perhaps his $14 million salary was feasible considering that the Steelers are getting adequate production from Conner who makes just 790K annually.

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Thanks to a 3 game Ravens skid, and the progression of their offense, the Steelers now sit at the top of the AFC North with their foot on the gas. The AFC has 4 divisions, East, West, North, & South. Out East the Patriots are peaking, the Chiefs lead the West, the Texans have resurfaced, and so have the Pittsburgh Steelers. Head Coach Mike Tomlin was criticized early in the year for allegedly losing the locker room. WR Antonio Brown was frustrated with the losing start and the off the field Le'Veon Bell non-sense brought much negativity to the franchise. There's no reason to believe the Steelers aren't prepared to fight their way to the AFC Championship but the question remains unanswered whether the Patriots will finally have to win on the road this January?

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James Conner has incredible statistics this season and against a Baltimore Ravens defense that has thrived all season, he was outright unstoppable. His 24 carries for 107 yards kept the Ravens defense gasping for air and fatigued all Sunday afternoon. Conner has made Bell's absence nearly unnoticed for Pittsburgh and with a 5-2-1 record the Steelers may be looking to exclude Bell from the team to avoid friction. Bell was promising to return to the team in Week 10 of the season and reportedly had been sending positive text messages to James Conner this year. He may be encouraging the man that is scheduled to take his spot as the big man on campus. The Con Man.

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