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The Kind Life of Kyron Mckinnie-Harper

As if being a native of a neighborhood known in Detroit as the “Dead-Zone” wasn’t enough of an obstacle, the incoming daggers have seem to yield an unlikely reaction from Kyron; an increase in composure. 

Imagine receiving an MHSAA Class A football state championship ring (age 15) as a Sophomore in high school. Would you allow the aesthetics and popularity on and off campus to allure you into a facade? 

Well, If you answered yes to the above question then you aren’t like Kyron. All his life Mckinnie gained his merit quietly, ignoring the accolades of the press, and maintaining close relationships with the people he knew were there to help him perpetuate his legacy.

That legacy includes remaining blameless as a community advocate and not just as a football player. When legal accusations emerged earlier this year inhibiting his path to athletic & academic success at CMU, Kyron turned to his close friends for spiritual council to pull through. In other words, Kyron knows who his real teammates are even when his shoulder pads and helmet aren’t on.

The 2019 Cass Tech HS Graduate Kyron Mckinnie-Harper still holds dear to his heart the championship ring he obtained during his sophomore season at Cass Tech in 2017 but what he holds more deeply are the friendships he’d cultivated as an adolescent. This included providing fellowship and support to his close friend Andre Holley Jr. during the passing of Holley’s mother during their final months of HS

With all this, the inquiries coming from a host of NCAA Division 1 recruiters during that time to the mailbox of Cass Tech’s long-lived Head Coach Thomas Wilcher weren’t regarding Mckinnie’s moral character, they were in regards to football. Yet Defending passes, making interceptions, and completing tackles weren’t nearly as hard as fighting the spiritual forces trying to block Kyron from success - so he needed more than a fancy D1 school name and scholarship to keep him morally sound.

So instead of biting at the big-name schools that coveted his talents, Mckinnie took his talents to Central Michigan University where his HS classmates HB Charles Harbaugh, S/WR Ormondell Dingle, and others were already settling and committed. However, unlike his classmates, Mckinnie flourished quickly getting 1st string reps at DB as just a college freshman (very unlikely). It seemed unreal, Mckinnie fit in well to the scheme of defensive coordinator Robb Akey. What however didn't fit was the disturbing news the swarm,ed the press in February of 2020.

On February 14th, 2020 Central Michigan University suspended Kyron Mckinnie from campus indefinitely for his alleged use of several CMU student accounts to commit federal fraud. With my spirit disquieted within me, I immediately decided to reach out to Mckinnie’s teammates to see about what had happened and whether or not these charges would dismiss Kyron’s chances of finishing the legacy he had started.

Ormondell Dingle February 2020

Central Michigan WR 2019-Present

Cass Tech HS 2019 Graduate

“Man I don’t know what happened honestly…. but it’s going to pan out though… he’ll be straight.”

Naija Hollins March 12th, 2020

Michigan State University 2019-Present 

Cass Tech HS 2019 Graduate

“Did you hear about what happened to Kyron Mr. Brown Jr?… I’ll send you the article … it’s really sad to read about.”

Obviously, the news had put a certain numbness into the community of individuals who were rooting for Mckinie considering his origin.

While news report after news reports surfaced with Mckinnie's case. He remained humble and as the storm is beginning to clear, only the sky is the limit at this point.

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