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Titanium Vrabel

While Dallas Cowboys fans grieved their Monday Night Football loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Titans moved on to kick more butt at home against the New England Patriots.

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Former New England Patriots LB Mike Vrabel is now the head coach of the Tennessee Titans. He's the brains behind the stifling Titans defense and poise of QB Marcus Mariota. Today the Titans held the Patriots to just 10 total points and a total of just 16 1st downs. Now before the world goes forth claiming that the formula to defeat the Patriots has been blueprinted, let's mention that the Patriots were without their primary asset TE Rob Gronkowski. However, in the Titans victory they kept the ball on the ground pounding the New England defense with 36 carries for 151 rushing yards. The team kept Brady on the sideline, sacking him 3 times more than he would have like to have been. Don't look now but the Titans are on a two game winning streak and will have a chance to catch the Houston Texans in the AFC South.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Oh no, but oh yes said the Kansas City Chiefs after watching New engalnd fall on the road. Another New England Patriots loss means that the Chiefs are one step closer to having home field advantage in the AFC this post-season. The Patriots will be on a bye week for the next 14 days. They'll rest Gronk, and prepare for December football. While the NFL season hasn't unfolded in a predictable fashion, its excitement is beginning to bring suspense to the playoff race in both conferences. Today was a great morale victory for Tennessee.

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