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Vikings Building Momentum

Updated: 5 days ago

The Minnesota Vikings are now 8-1. They defeated the Bills 33-30 Sunday and are now preparing to face Dallas in Week 11.

The Vikings are thriving under the leadership of new head coach Kevin McConnell. McConnell was the play-caller operating the champion LA Rams offense last season.

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WR Justin Jefferson has been the leading culprit for the Viking's offensive attack. On offense, McConnell is deploying heavy 11 personnel and frequenting 3 WR sets that force Deep Safeties to play with discipline. The Run ability of HB Calvin Cook married with the pass threat ability of Thielen & Jefferson forces the defending nickel DBs to both accounts for assisting with run support or staying home in the zone to close windows for QB Kirk Cousins to exploit.

Even when Buffalo DC Leslie Fraizer attempted to play man-to-man, he and his staff realized that Jefferson was too tough of a cover. His 10 rec, 193 yds outing was indicative of this.

Will Dallas stop the red hot Vikings?

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