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Houston improves to 5-3 after a 42-23 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. With the Jags struggling, the Texans may finally be preparing to regain dominance in the AFC South.

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Deshaun Watson hasn't been perfect to start the season by any means but he definitely earned his keep last night. 5 TD's on 16/20 passing the ball put smiles on Houston fans nationwide and has the recently scornful media forced to swallow their words. The night couldn't have gone much better for Houston but the unfavorable injury of star DB Jonathan Joseph. The Texans defense has been itself, ranking 9th in points allowed per game in 2018. They do have times of struggling against speedy stretch offensive teams but fare well against the run. While the AFC has emerged with Kansas City and New England as conference powerhouses, Houston head coach has to be mentoring the Texans locker room into army men prepared to propel as an honest contender.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Texans HB Lamar Miller registered a whopping 133 yards on the ground, an insult to a Dolphins defense that just gave up 200+ rushing yards to the Detroit Lions offense a week prior. After the 3-0 start to the season, the Miami Dolphins are finally beginning to fizzle out. If not the miscues of Bears QB Mitch Trubisky 2 weeks ago, the Dolphins record would be sitting at 3-5. The Jets and Patriots are only snickering at the mediocrity of Miami, and QB Ryan Tannehill's inability to stay healthy should have Dolphins administration prepared in a new direction. There isn't much positive to say about the Dolphins at this point. They do have nice jersey's though.

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