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WenTz At WemBley

The 4-4 Philadelphia Eagles probably didn't envision this mid-tier start to the 2018 season after winning the Super Bowl last year. A win against Jacksonville this morning helps to fuel the vigor that will be needed to win the NFC East.

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Wentz seemed pressed early in the game making throws not only to himself but also to Jaguars Superstar DB Jalen Ramsey in the red-zone. Calmed by the mentor ship of Doug Pederson, Wents managed the second half effectively helping keep the Jags off the field and his team ahead in the game. Carson went 21/30 passing rendering 3 TD's and 1 INT. The Eagles defense also held the Jags offense at bay most of the game and produced a huge 4th down stop in the 4th quarter to fend off any chance of a comeback. Philadelphia will get a well needed rest in Week 9 as they prepare to battle against the Cowboys in Week 10. With the season closing in, teams are beginning to take shape to prepare for the post-season.

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Blame it on Blake Bortles. It seems like the most prevalent scapegoat for the Jagauars community whenever assessing the teams short comings. Bortles was asked to throw 41 total passes, and one of which went directly through the hands of WR D.J Clark on a TD pass that would have put the Jaguars right in the lead. The Jags now sit at 3-5, two games behind an emerging Houston Texans team that destroyed the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football. In and endless search for remedy, the once favorite AFC Jaguars are struggling to present as a vying Wild Card team. Not all hope is lost but something needs to happen fast.

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