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Windy Weapons

2nd year QB Mitch Trubisky received a lot of flack for the underperformance the Chicago Bears put forth on the offensive side of the ball. To his defense, he didn't have a feasible receiving core to aid him in his first year with the pros. Bears GM Ryan Pace made it a priority to seal up the wide receiver deficit in the offseason by picking up Taylor Gabriel from the Atlanta Falcons and a seasoned receiver in Allen Robinson who the league didn't get to see much of last year.

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When the Jacksonville Jaguars fell short in the AFC Championship last season, it wasn't because of defensive inadequacies but rather the inability of the offense to sustain drives when it matters. Grieving from the sideline with an anterior cruciate ligament fracture was WR Allen Robinson who spent all of his careers bullying AFC South defensive backs for the Jags until this offseason. The Bears defense seems to be coming into form and they have a boisterous HB in Jordan Howard, but the acquisition of Robinson makes NFL Analyst such as myself believe they may produce a .500 or better season in 2018.

Let's not undermine the newly acquired head coach in Matt Nagy who helped propel the talent of HB Kareem Hunt, TE Travis Kelce, and WR Tyreek Hill in 2017. If Nagy can help develop the blemishes in Trubisky and strategize in order to stretch defenses with Play Action, defenses may just have their hands full trying to stop this team next year. For fans of Chicago and their long live legacy, almost a decade of Cutler disappointments and let down, this franchise may be finally headed in the right direction.

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